• Ben Smith

Introducing Popamono

It's our great pleasure to introduce our new company, our team and our platform for sharing important stories.

Popamono is the culmination of 20 years professional experience across many industries, cities and countries.

Popamono is all about solving problems through stories.

We're not just talking random stories either. We mean the stories that make sense of large, complex projects, of multi-faceted decisions and aspirational visions requiring big investments.

We know that this stuff requires structure and a strong evidence base to get the nod from your investors and we know the community just wants to know why, how, when and who will do it. We have spent much of our careers balancing at the interface between required technicalities and the simple story that the time-poor, skeptical punter on the street desperately needs. We thrive in discussions where wicked problems are lassoed into simplified forms and defeated by structured solutions and well considered investments.

Cool story, but what do you actually do? I hear you say.

Great question, here's a 10-second run down for you.

  • We plan, develop and write business cases, tenders, strategies and plans of significance.

  • We help you understand and manage strategic change from a people and process perspective.

  • We help you manage your most important engagements.

  • We coach people and teams towards achieving their biggest goals.

We have helped to get over 100 major projects get planned, funded and delivered in Australia and New Zealand. We have helped small business get big jobs and communities get great developments. All through doing these things that we love.

We are Brisbane based but through our experience and our partners we know the regions as well as the cities in both Australia and New Zealand.

What's the go with the name?

After officially starting business in August as Pure Activation, we are now feeling brave enough to go with our more extravagant and ultimately more 'us' Popamono brand.

We may raise a few eyebrows and get some weird looks, but we want to stand out and we want to set an expectation of bravery and fun. And we love bikes.

So, let's chat about that big thing that you want to do, that big problem you can't figure out and together we can work through it and have some fun along the way.

Drop us a note on

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