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our services

 professional writing

Crafting powerful stories to support brave plans, such as business cases, strategies and tender responses.


& change

Designing clear strategies and plans to solve problems, inform investments and manage transitions.

STRATEGIC Engagement

Engaging the right people at the right time with the right message.

Planetary health

Improving human and environmental health through integrated placed based planning.

Professional Writing

Our Approach

Our business is built on over 20 years of solving problems through stories.

A simple and attractive story is at the heart of any successful process. 

Whether the subject is a $1 billion rail investment or a $20,000 grant application, if you can't clearly explain the merits of your proposal, it stands little chance of success. We have supported well over 100 successful major developments in Australia and New Zealand through focusing on these key questions:

  • Clarity - what is the problem to solve and how will your proposal do it?

  • Alignment - how well are we answering the questions that the process or criteria asks of us?

  • Uniqueness - what makes our proposal stand out?

  • Simplicity - how do we cut through complexity to create an intuitive and relatable story that everyone can understand?

Knowing your subject matter is important. We have a strong grasp of technical matters through over 20 years' experience across a range of industries. 

What we deliver

We are confident writing for any need, but here are the things we excel in:

  • Business Cases (Ben Smith is a certified Business Case Practitioner and Investment Logic Mapping Facilitator)

  • Discussion papers, briefing notes and critical reports

  • Tender responses

  • Strategies and Plans 

  • Grant applications

  • Award submissions

  • Traditional and Digital Marketing materials

  • Website and electronic newsletters

  • Social media posts, campaigns and imagery.

Strategy and Change

Our Approach

"To create an effective envisioned future requires a certain level of unreasonable confidence and commitment", James C. Collins.

We love working with organisations on strategy. It's a time where we can get people together to pause and focus on the big problems to solve, the goals to chase and how it can be achieved. We see change management as being inherently linked to strategy. Any strategy will prompt a level of change to achieve an outcome and as change is really a constant, our strategies need to be adaptable and scalable.


Our background in change management and engagement helps us to emphasize how strategies and plans must be:

  • Informed by analysis

  • Owned by the people

  • Simple and achievable

  • Underpinned by a great story


What we deliver

We have found success developing and delivering these elements for many organisations:

  • Regional growth and economic development strategies

  • Long term, spatial and activation plans

  • Business Cases, Feasibility Studies and Investment Strategies

  • Change Management Strategies and Plans

  • Transition Plans

  • Business and Operational Plans

  • Strategy and planning facilitation

Strategic Engagement

Our Approach

"Consulting is not about losing control, it’s about building ownership through participation".

Ben Smith

Managing engagement well through a mix of informed strategy, positive interactions and meaningful relationships has been at the core of our work for a long time. Through this experience, we know how hard it can be to engage meaningfully to inform and empower a project.

Getting the right people together in the right setting, with enabling information is always at the front of our minds. Building ownership of both the problem and the opportunity through these interactions is a critical step in developing a solution that can work. 


The key learning we have to pass on about engagement is the need to focus more on the opportunity than the risk. We advocate for a well organised, honest discussion with communities of interest, including those inside your organisation. Be clear about what people can and can't influence and why. Demonstrate how decisions will be made and what the next steps will be. Be honest, be real, Popamono.

Our engagement offering

  • Engagement Strategy Development

  • Story development workshops

  • Stakeholder workshop facilitation

  • Engagement materials drafting and production

  • Reference Group Management

  • Digital Community Management

Tropical Leaves

Planetary Health & Place Based Planning

Our Approach

Planetary Health considers the impacts and interfaces between human and environmental health.

As communities, we are part of a broader environmental system that we must understand and protect to secure not just our own health, but those of the many species that also exist in this space.

In recent times we have all experienced a pause which has given rise to an appreciation of the planet we live on and the many complex systems that our way of life interfaces with. 

While we want to re-ignite our economies and pay our mortgages, we need to consider how we change our direction to reduce our impact on our place and protect the value of our local environments.


This is an emerging field, and one that we are immensely passionate about.

Our Planetary Health offering

  • Place based planning advisory

  • Adaptation planning

  • Development of Planetary Health frameworks and metrics

  • Associated communications an engagement

  • Engagement materials drafting and production

  • Reference Group Management

  • Digital Community Management