Our reach

​Popamono boasts a small, agile team with a range of partners and associates that help us punch way above our weight.

Our headquarters is in Brisbane, but we have partners scattered across Australia and New Zealand that give us great coverage and local knowledge.

Our experience working in cities and regions in both Australia and New Zealand gives us great perspective when considering stories and solutions.

Our focus

Together we draw together a passion for empowering people and communities to change their world.


Our main focus areas include:

  • Activating towns and regions.

  • Planning and delivering enabling infrastructure. 

  • Embracing sustainability and constructive climate action.

  • Supporting local businesses.

  • Changing the way we work.

  • Helping people live healthier lives.

Meet the Team

Ben is a highly accomplished leader with a deep understanding of how to bring people and information together to solve complex problems.


Through a Planetary Health lens, Ben applies a holistic approach to seek out the best outcome for people, place, and planet. 
He brings together a broad range of skills to mobilise people and information to create successful strategies, bids, business cases and planning proposals. These skills include strategy facilitation, professional writing, business case management, stakeholder engagement, team leadership and project management. 

By guiding leaders and project teams through smart planning and development of powerful stories, Ben has played a lead role in guiding organisations and regions through significant challenges. Over the last 20 years, Ben has supported more than 100 significant projects, including some of Australia’s largest transport and water infrastructure projects, regional activation strategies and many large enterprise-wide transformations.

Read more about Ben here.

Managing Director

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ben smith




Creative Lead

+61 414 943 326

Jacqueline is a highly engaging and savvy creative specialist.

Jac is renowned for bringing fresh, smart ideas to projects and she thrives in an environment where innovation and creativity are nurtured.


With a background in marketing and TV advertising, she understands how to create messages that stick supported by powerful visuals.


In summary, Jac creates unique, transformational digital and real-world experiences.


Through these skills and outstanding people skills, Jac has brought an abundance of energy, creativity and results to her roles across Australia and New Zealand.

Read more about Jacqueline here.

Our Associates

Our associates are people who have their own companies and they don't always sit right next to us. But, they compliment our skills, we like working with them and we are impressed by what they offer in general. Together, we make up an aspirational team of smart people who really like solving big problems, one at a time.

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vaughn crowther

Blue sky thinker, infrastructure specialist

Utility NZ

Based in Arrowtown, NZ, Vaughn offers expertise in infrastructure asset management and impact investing. His predominant focus is on building capability, creating future leaders and identifying sustainable solutions. He is highly-regarded throughout the sector as a thought-leader, with his passion to make a real difference noted by all he encounters. 

Read more about Vaughn here.


walter clarke

Numbers guy, project  and people leader

Utility NZ

Also based in Arrowtown, Walter is an infrastructure specialist who conquers complexity with logic and positivity. The perfect balance of fresh perspective and industry insight, Walter will thoroughly investigate the project, clear the clutter, then work with you to identify your challenges and potential solutions – step-by-simple-step. 

Read more about Walter here.


Andrew Smith

Strategy and Commercial Adviser

Based in Sydney, Andrew is an older and arguably wiser brother of Ben.

He is a highly experienced, innovative leader with global experience across operations and commercial management, strategy, digital, transformation and change, innovation and ventures, M&A and business development. 

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Quality Management and Grant Application Specialist

Adaptable Quality, Brisbane

Kelly's strengths lie within quality management system design, development and she expertly develops efficient processes and procedures that are user friendly and true to the strategic direction and vision of the business.

Kelly is registered with Austrade as an Export Market Development Grant Consultant  and she specialises in working together with small to medium sized businesses who have the need to understand standards and create or review quality management systems.

Read more about Kelly here.